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Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
this is a live picture of new york city, dealing with snow. closer to home, a different situation, but still watching for the possibility of snow flurries in parts of our region. closer to home, we are hearing reports of sleet coming down. we are monitoring the situation and the problems that millions are facing in new york. we begin with senior meteorologist bob ryan. >> we have been on the edge of two major storms, sandy and now this nor'easter. this region all radar shows the snow in northern parts of new jersey. we have this little patch of leftover moisture coming through and it has enough in it, and the live doppler in the storm center, the temperatures even though they are in the low 40's, producing a little bit of light sleet but the main thing is the temperatures overnight tonight will stay above freezing. when you hit off to school and work most everything will be out of here. maybe eight lingering sprinkle or snowflake. 35 degrees above freezing, no winter weather advisories or anything. the good thing is after we get through early tomorrow morning sunshine coming back and big cha
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
take to makeill the repairs. thousands in new york city,, andpower came back down parts of lower manhattan. 2.7 million customers are still t electricity. there is growing praise along some anger over one of the divisive issues. the marathon was cancelled criticism. not everyone is satisfied with the decision. >> just one week ago our a marathon was threatened by sandy. seen what happened in new york. -- in their a marathon is by it.ned >> we will not be conducting 2012 new york city marathon. >> the largest marathon in the world became a victim. they hoped it would be a chance honor the city and held those struggling with ford. there will be difficult days those who have trained all year. clucks a unifying new york wasntage that controversial. like this one created outrage. budget a raider's set out along running route 1 thousands have power.not o works at a running going to go up to new see his friend it. >> these people who are suffering, give them a chance to captivated until the moment it. up with tim hanson. says cancelling the marathon the right thing to do. to sen. if the
Nov 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
storm. things are back to normal for f us, people living from jersey on the way to new york city are dealing with the e of the rain, wind, and flooding. welch joins us. what are the biggest improvements to have seen in the cleanup efforts? for anow, i have to say people to enter a new be thety, that would was that the subway today up and running. d running in aan limited fashion. am and lower manhattan right w at city hall. basically, everything south is power here.t that includes the subway stations in this part of the city. for a lot of people that commute from brooklyn into the city and versa, the city has set up a bus system. there have been some issues with this in terms of waiting time. lines for the buses have wrapped the block. cases they have been as long as a mild. it can take anywhere from three to get into the city. that, weher side of have issues today with power. to say, in the immediate aftermath of the storm there people without power. down to 3r is million. here at enter the city, michael says for some people in the outer boroughs, it could be until the end of ne
Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
sentence. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg has issued a gas rationing plan because of persistent long lines drivers have endured. this plan allows drivers to get gas every other day. this comes after new jersey gov. chris christie enacted a similar plan and it cut down waiting times at gas stations significantly. we have also learned that madison square garden will hold a special concert next month to benefit those affected by sandy. it will be called 12-12-12. >> still to come, get ready for a big traffic mr. r morning if you live in montgomery county. we will tell you the unconventional reason why. >> we are riding along with state authorities as a crackdown on a smuggler you have not thought of but has huge profits for back guys. -- >> have an exclusive look at a crackdown on smuggling you may have not thought of. >> we're talking about cigarette smuggling. it cost the state billions. taxes on cigarettes are substantially lower in virginia that in maryland. the staggering amount of money people are making breaking the law. >> there are suspects behind you. >> we're with underc
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
returned to normal for most of us, the situation returns see -- remain serious in new york city and new is justs the cleanup beginning. new york city michael bloomberg damage and staten island. than 500,000 customers in york city remained without power. recovery.signs of three subway lines are expected tomorrow. the past hour, new york reduced andrew cuomo bus fares for the rest of the week. cannot thank the rest of -- the president enough. >> governor chris christie personally thank president obama for his help. they met with concerned lost their homes. nucleus remains very much in a state of emergency tonight. -- new jersey remains very much in a state of emergency tonight. at last check, to all people killed in the state. two million remain without power. vice president joe biden made some political waves. --, dangerous and attackers attacks, and now for president is again, less than a the election. mitt romney was joined by senator marco rubio at his rally at the university of miami. he showed u.s. -- praised fema playing a key role. vice president joe biden was in sarasota, and he
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
are still without power. some can't even get back to their homes. >> in new york city mayor bloomberg now instituting a gas rationing system. >> they should have done this from day it's expecteded to last a couple of more weeks. >> the folks out here will be back here tomorrow morning to unload some of the contents of these trucks to be put in a bigger truck. that truck will take them to new jersey. >> tonight, police make an unusual arrest. >> the local suspect in custody. how it is tied to facebook and twitter. >> a traffic godsend or new traffic nightmare. the relief and the warning that signs of a new beltway hot lane. take you out on a cautious test drive. >> nice evening out there. a little on the chilly side again. milder days. are you ready for the weekend? >> we have from the district as residents are forced from their apartments following a fire in northeast. this happened in the 2800 block of question beck street. the smoke and the flames were confined to one unit. and the word right now is no one was hurt. >> a man wanted for a drug f
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> the poor folks in new york city. many were still without power. >> around here. >> this is how it looked today. what a nice day it was. guess whose birthday is. brian hopkins. a beautiful picture of a sunset. now the clouds. our attempt to outside now, remember this one well, not only but the high temperature of 72. the last 70-degree day we will see this year? it could be. 72 here in washington. s out to minneapolis. 27 degrees. the high temperature today. 20's now.ow there is the cold front. really sweeping into our realm. temperatures in detroit, indianapolis, 30 degrees below were the same time yesterday. been going on.s there is the change. we have the southwesterly wind. is the weather front. there it is. you can see on radar, the front continue to come through us with some showers. leftover showers at noontime. more rain showers by the great lakes. bit. breaking up a little outpoured west virginia, another .ine that will be coming our way, too. here is our doppler. is how things look on the future cast. temperatures tomorrow morning will still be near the high the 50's.e today int
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
degrees cooler than average. look around the northeast. 44 here. hundred thousand t power in new york city. are at 44 degrees here. a chilly and cold morning. right now on live doppler, you e a few lonesome rainshowers. there is a little bit of soreness, a -- a little bit of an area of low pressure. was is the reason today it socially. outof this is heading the northeast and will not be causing any problems for us as we go through the next few days. looks overnight and during the day tomorrow. high pressure. think the sunshine, once back. we'll come i said that yesterday. this time, i mean it for tomorrow. there was a suggestion earlier about showers forming off the coast. be stayingy will out as we get on to the few days. temperatur tomorrow, still a bit below average. out to our west, also the same story. but, as we get into the weekend the big holiday travel day, a lot of sunshine and pretty quiet whether no ,atter where you are going especially into wednesday and thanksgiving day. morning, temperatures 30's. as the low some morning clouds. still on the cool side, with n the 50's.s i fo
Nov 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
and boston. -- an impact new york city and boston. we could see absolutely nothing at all. updated, jackie will fairly tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. it will be quite and dry for the next couple of days. is the freeze warning for tonight. district orthe southern maryland. like this,ast looks skies later on tonight. will fall.s deal of sunshine for the day tomorrow. around 50only degrees. keep the cooler for the day in line on tuesday. it should remain dry and a for heavier rain tuesday and into wednesday. , 32 degrees to 39 degrees and then tomorrow a great deal of sunshine. extended al look, temperatures will be dipping on wednesday. the coastal stone will be -- the damp andll be cold. election day, tuesday, d wear their jackets. especially a long lines. in the morning hours. >> it was a raw and dampen a redskins -- damp of day for the redskins. could the giants still pulled e the redskins' some relief? macboo there were a two-out comes redskins-panthers game. now 3-6 and a different aftermath which caused many fans to scratch their heads and even to question where they do next. shanahan o
Nov 10, 2012 11:30pm EST
are circulating a petition to the rules written. >> why some new york lawmakers are pointing the finger after superstorm sandy. >> and this man wanted to help the >> you are watching abc7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> two strong earthquake striking on different continents tonight. as six. -- a six. earthquake hit myanmar. another earthquake hits kentucky and rattle seven nearby states. >> and people hit hard by sandy say they are tired of waiting for the power companies. they say they have been without power since the storm hit. many are wondering why there was no plan in place since the storm was predicted. officials with the power company on long island say customers could get power back on by tomorrow night. in the meantime, there have been cases prepared with food and clothing. >> it started with the facebook post. but that simple post as turned into something much more. >> his home town in new jersey now looks like something he has only seen during his four tours of duty in afghanistan. >> the devastation and what was going on there -- it actually looked like a war zone. i have seen wh
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10